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Aloe vera freeze-dried powder 100:1,200:1

Specifications: 100:1;200:1

Source: Aloe Vera

Shipping speed:1-3 days

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Certificates:HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, ISO9001, ISO22000, FDA



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    What is aloe vera freeze-dried powder?

    Aloe vera freeze-dried powder is made of natural aloe vera, and its essence is extracted by the highest technology and ultra-concentration. It is rich in emodin, polysaccharides, proteins, enzymes, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, etc. Aloe vera freeze-dried powder is rich in the essence of natural aloe vera.
    It has the functions of promoting large intestine peristalsis, laxative, improving constipation, deep detoxification, anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory and detoxification, improving immunity, beautifying and whitening skin, anti-wrinkle, eliminating stains, promoting skin renewal, relieving women's menstrual discomfort, promoting breast development, and promoting wound healing. Healing effects.

    What are the benefits

    1. Effectively prevent and relieve constipation. The active ingredients in aloe vera freeze-dried powder can promote intestinal peristalsis, eliminate toxins in the body, and achieve a laxative effect.
    2. Prevent stomach disease and stomatitis. Aloe vera polysaccharide in aloe lyophilized powder has better anti-ulcer and anti-inflammatory effects.
    3. Beauty effect. Aloe vera freeze-dried powder is a natural moisturizing agent and astringent, which can make the skin astringent, soften, moisturize, reduce inflammation, whiten, prevent wrinkles, treat acne, and prevent ultraviolet rays. External use can keep the skin moist and elastic. At the same time, it can eliminate the scars left by pigment spots and pimples.
    4. Prevent high blood pressure and diabetes. Aloe vera freeze-dried powder contains a lot of polysaccharides, which can remove cholesterol, soften hardened blood vessels, and promote blood circulation and metabolism. Great help in lowering blood sugar levels.
    5. Aloe vera is known as a treasure trove of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, which can supplement these substances needed by the human body and comprehensively regulate human immunity.
    Application direction
    Aloe vera freeze-dried powder has the functions of improving immunity, beautifying, whitening, anti-wrinkle, eliminating pigmentation, promoting skin renewal, and promoting wound healing.
    Health care products
    In the field of food and health products, aloe vera contains a lot of nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc., which can help the body to better maintain health.
    Aloe vera freeze-dried powder 100:1,200:1xet


    1. Exact laxative effect: Aloe vera is rich in polysaccharides, which has obvious nutritious and moisturizing, moisturizing and activating skin, and improving gastrointestinal function (moistening and laxative).
    2. International leading technology, product quality is guaranteed: using modern biotechnology processes such as fully automated packaging production technology and international leading low-temperature vacuum drying, product quality is guaranteed.

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