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Bulk Pure Serratiopeptase Powder

Specifications: 10W IU/g, 20W IU/g

CAS: 37312-62-2


Shipping speed:1-3 days

Inventory:In stock

Certificates:HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, ISO9001, ISO22000, FDA



Sales group:not for individual customers

    What is serratiopeptidase?

    Serrapeptase was discovered early on to have the ability to dissolve proteins and inhibit inflammatory substances. It is often used as a phlegm and purulent medicine. At the same time, serrapeptase also promotes cell regeneration and promotes wound healing. It is used together with antibiotics. Sometimes there is a synergistic effect to improve the antibacterial effect of antibiotics. So it is a good choice for trauma medicine.

    Pharmacological effects

    This product is a protease produced by Serratia bacteria. By degrading abnormal exudates and proteins, it promotes the absorption of decomposition products by blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, improves the circulation of inflammatory lesions, and thereby produces anti-inflammatory and swelling effects. Accelerate the liquefaction and discharge of phlegm, pus and hematoma by degrading and liquefying mucosal secretions and fibrous clots. It has a strong ability to dissolve fibrin and fibrinogen, but is harmless to active proteins such as albumin α and γ globulin.
    Continuous use of this product can promote the tissue penetration ability of antibiotics such as penicillin, ampicillin, and sulfenicillin, increase the concentration of antibiotics in infection lesions and blood, and enhance the effect of antibiotics.

    Application direction

    The serratiopeptidase powder we supply is raw material and is used as an additive to medical and health care products, not for direct use.
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