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Specifications: 99%

Detection method: HPLC

Shipping speed: 1-3 days

Certifications: ISO9001 ISO22000 Kosher Halal

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    What is palmitamide?

    PEA is an endogenous fatty acid amide that belongs to the class of nuclear factor agonists. PEA has been shown to bind to receptors in the nucleus (nuclear receptors) and exert a large variety of biological functions related to chronic pain and inflammation. The main target is thought to be peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPAR-alpha).
    PEA works by altering the expression of certain genes to reduce inflammatory signaling, as well as other possible analgesic mechanisms—the ability to stimulate signaling through cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system.
    Multiple clinical studies have shown that PEA has anti-inflammatory, anti-nociceptive, neuroprotective and anticonvulsant properties; PEA can regulate many physiological processes, including pain perception, convulsions, and neurotoxicity.


    DMSO >20 mg/mL
    Ethanol >20 mg/mL
    Water Insoluble

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