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Peach Freeze-Dried Powder/Peach Fruit Powder

Source: Peach

Technology Method: Freeze dried technology

Mesh: 60 mesh

100% natural without additives

Shipping speed: 1-3 days

Inventory: In stock

Certificates: HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, ISO9001, ISO22000, FDA


Package: 25Kg/barrel

Sales group: not for individual customers

    Peach freeze-dried powder suppliers

    YTBIO is a professional supplier of Peach freeze-dried powder. Our products are produced using fresh peaches and freeze-dried technology. The product mesh is 60 mesh.
    YTBIO supplies 100% natural
    Peach fruit powder is 100% natural Peach fruit powder without any additives. All products we supply undergo strict quality control to ensure product quality and product purity. For more detailed information about the products, click: sales@sxytbio.com.

    What are the benefits?

    Nutritional value
    Each 100g edible part of peach contains 0.5-1.7g of protein, 0.1-1.1g of fat, 6.6-15.8g of sugar, 4.1g of crude fiber, 0.5g of ash, 7-24mg of calcium, 20-52mg of phosphorus, and 0.8-2.5mg of iron. , vitamin A0.02-0.06mg, vitamin B10.01-0.10mg, vitamin B20.7mg, niacin 0.02-0.07mg, vitamin C3-26mg, potassium 252mg, sodium 0.7mg, magnesium 12.9mg, chlorine 2.2mg; also Contains carotene, volatile oil, organic acids and other substances.

    1. Supplement nutrition: Contains vitamin C, zinc, selenium and other trace elements needed by the human body. It can supplement nutrition for the human body and has certain antioxidant effects;

    2. Enrich and nourish blood: Peaches contain higher iron content, second only to cherries, and iron is an important substance for the synthesis of hemoglobin and can promote the production of hemoglobin. Therefore, regular consumption of peaches can help alleviate iron deficiency anemia caused by various causes;

    3. Soothing and laxative: Peaches contain a large amount of dietary fiber and pectin, which can accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote digestion, and speed up stool discharge, which is beneficial to people with constipation; freeze-dried peach powder retains the fiber content of fresh peaches. .

    4. Beauty and beauty: Peaches are rich in a variety of vitamins, which can promote skin metabolism and enhance the antioxidant effect of the skin.

    5. Weight management:
    Freeze-dried peach powder is low in calories and fat. Can be used as sugar or a logical choice of different sugars in different recipes. By incorporating peach bulk powder into your diet regimen, you can add flavor to your dishes without completely increasing your calorie intake.

    6. Skin health:
    The nutrients in freeze-dried peach powder can enhance skin health. Specifically, L-ascorbic acid is the foundation of collagen fusion, maintaining skin's versatility and firmness. Cell strengthening also helps protect skin from oxidative damage, reducing signs of maturation and promoting a vibrant appearance.

    Test Report

    Item Specification Result Method
    Basic Product Information
    Genus and Species Prunus Persica. Conform /
    Part of the Plant Fruit Conform /
    Country of Origin China Conform /
    Organoleptic Data
    Color It should have the desired colour of peach powder and be off-white in colour. Conform GB7101-2022
    Taste and Odor Should have the proper odour and taste of peach, with no off-flavour. Conform GB7101-2022
    Characteristics No foreign bodies or caking in normal vision Conform GB7101-2022
    Process Data
    Drying Method Freeze drying Conform /
    Physical Characteristics
    Particle Size 100.0% pass 60mesh Conform GB/T 5507-2008
    Loss on drying <6.0% 3.31% GB/T 14769-1993
    Heavy Metals
    Total Heavy Metals <10ppm Conform USP <231>, method II
    As <2.0ppm Conform AOAC 986.15, 18th
    Pb <2.0ppm Conform AOAC 986.15, 18th
    Cd <0.5ppm Conform AOAC 986.15, 18th
    Hg <0.5ppm Conform AOAC 971.21, 18th
    Pesticide Residue
    666 <0.2ppm Negative GB/T5009.19-1996
    DDT <0.2ppm Negative GB/T5009.19-1996

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