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Pure Spray dry aloe vera powder

Source: Aloe Vera

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    What is Aloe Vera Spray Dry Powder?

    Aloe vera spray dry powder is extracted and stabilized using advanced technology, adding maltodextrin, room temperature sterilization, aseptic filling, and centrifugal spray drying.
    It can be used in cosmetics, hair care, personal care, pharmaceuticals, beverages, and food fields. It can be used as an important raw material for enhancing immunity, laxative, and lowering blood sugar.
    Aloe vera gel contains a variety of powerful organic compounds that are found in the leaves of the aloe vera plant. Consumers in today's cosmetics, food, beverage and animal care markets are increasingly interested in healthy lifestyles and safe and effective natural ingredients, a trend that has led to a surge in demand for health products.

    What are the benefits

    1. Aloe vera spray dry powder is a substance with strong antibacterial properties. It can kill fungi, mold, bacteria, viruses and other bacteria, and inhibit and eliminate the development and reproduction of pathogens. Aloe vera's bradykininase and angiotensin II work together to fight inflammation.

    2. It is rich in niacin and vitamin B6. It is a bitter stomach-tonifying laxative. It has anti-inflammatory, repairing gastric mucosa and analgesic effects, and can promote ulcer healing.

    3. Aloe spray dry powder, aloe-emodin and other special ingredients can be the most effective food to increase appetite, relieve bowel movement and relieve constipation.

    4. The immune activation effect of aloe spray dry powder can improve the body’s disease resistance. Various chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, gout, asthma, etc. can be used in conjunction with aloe vera during the treatment process to enhance the curative effect and accelerate the body's recovery.

    5. There is no precipitation after dissolution, and the reconstituted aloe vera gel dry powder aqueous solution is clear and transparent.

    6.Enhance immunity, beautify and remove freckles, lower blood lipids/blood sugar

    Application direction

    Food: food additives; beverages (energy drinks, fruit and vegetable beverages, dairy beverages, alcoholic beverages, etc.); canned food; dairy products, etc.
    Health-preserving foods: health-preserving foods with related functions in dosage forms such as oral liquids and granules.
    Beauty care and daily chemical products: hand care, skin care products; skin cleansing products; moisturizing products, etc.
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    Aloe Vera Gel Spray Drying Powder, the rapid spray drying process helps preserve the delicate aloe vera gel ingredients and produces an easily soluble powder ingredient.
    Aloe Vera Gel Spray Dry Powder, 200:1 Raw material can be used "as is" in powder formulations or dissolved in beverages, liquids, or the aqueous phase of personal care products and cosmetics.

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