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Roxburgh Rose Extract Powder

Latin name: Rosaroxbunghii

Extraction source: Fruit of Rosaceae plant Prickly pear

Specification: 10000 SOD (superoxide dismutase)

Shipping speed:1-3 days

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Certificates:HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, ISO9001, ISO22000, FDA



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    What is Roxburgh Rose Extract?

    Rosaroxburghii extract is the fruit extract of the Rosaceae plant Rosaroxburghii Tratt.f.normalisRehd.etWils., which is rich in vitamin C (Vc), superoxide dismutase (SOD), flavonoids, polysaccharides and polysaccharides. An essential amino acid for the human body. It has various biological effects such as regulating the body's immune function, detoxifying, sedating, delaying aging, and resisting atherosclerosis. Therefore, prickly pear extract has become an important raw material for the manufacture of many pharmaceuticals. Using rhododendron extract to make medicines can greatly improve the utilization of rhododendron nutrients.

    What are the benefits

    1. Antioxidant
    Prickly pear extract can increase the content of antioxidants in plasma, improve the body's antioxidant capacity, reduce damage to capillary endothelium, arteries, and brain caused by free radicals, promote microcirculation, and maintain the normal functions of cardiovascular and central nervous systems. Plasma antioxidant levels and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) antioxidant capacity increased in patients with coronary heart disease after oral administration of prickly pear juice. Studies have shown that roxburghii extract achieves its anti-arteriosclerosis function by inhibiting the oxidative modification of LDL. At the same time, various antioxidants can mediate the efflux of intracellular cholesterol and inhibit the formation of foam cells.
    2. Regulate the body’s immune function
    Prickly pear extract oral liquid can significantly improve the immune function of animals. The main component that enhances immune function is prickly pear polysaccharide (PRRT). Prickly pear polysaccharide can improve the ability of mice to resist fatigue, hypoxia, high temperature and low temperature, and significantly improve the immunity of mice.
    3. Anti-atherosclerosis (AS)
    Prickly pear juice is rich in various active ingredients such as vitamins, SOD and flavonoids, and its anti-AS effect is the result of the synergistic effect of multiple ingredients. In vitro tests show that roxburghii juice can inhibit cell proliferation induced by various lipoproteins, significantly reduce intracellular cholesterol content, inhibit the formation of foam cells, improve the antioxidant capacity of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), and help reduce the occurrence of AS. .
    4. Reduce heavy metal load
    Prickly pear juice not only promotes the excretion of manganese, but also has a certain antagonistic effect on lipid peroxidation damage caused by manganese poisoning. This may be related to the antioxidant substances contained in prickly pears. Studies have found that after drinking prickly pear drinks, workers working with manganese can Reduce the load of manganese in the body and antagonize lipid peroxidation. Prickly pear juice has a lead-removing effect similar to that of EDTA, which can reduce blood lead concentration without causing trace element disorders; not only that, prickly pear juice can also promote the 24-hour urinary excretion of cadmium in cadmium-infected rats, reduce blood and liver , the accumulation of cadmium in kidney tissue, and has an obvious effect of driving away cadmium. Both prickly pear juice and health-care oral liquid developed with roxburghii as raw material have a good ability to reduce the load of heavy metals. It can not only accelerate the excretion of heavy metals, but also slow down the damage of heavy metals to the human body. Its therapeutic effect is better than positive treatment. drug.
    5.Other functions
    Prickly pear extract has a certain protective effect on liver damage caused by CC14. Prickly pear flavonoids can effectively protect the pancreas from alloxan oxidative damage and prevent diabetes. Prickly pear polysaccharide can improve the ability of mice to resist fatigue, hypoxia, high temperature and low temperature, and significantly improve the immunity of mice, which may be related to the increase in natural killer cell activity.
    6. Anti-aging  
    Roxburgh rose is rich in superoxide dismutase (SOD). Eating roxburgh rose fresh fruits and processed products can increase SOD activity in human body, reduce lipid peroxide (LPO), and have obvious anti-aging effect.  
    7. Build up resistance  
    Roxburgh rose contains a variety of nutrients, including vitamin C content is more than 10 times of kiwi fruit, is the highest vitamin C content of the fruit discovered today, known as the "king of Vc".  According to research, Vc can promote the formation of airframe antibody  
    8. Liver protection  
    Roxburgh rose extract has protective effect on liver damage caused by CC14.

    Application direction

    Roxburgh rose extract, containing tannin, vitamin C and other functional ingredients, can be used in cosmetics.  It can promote the activity of protease and has the effect of anti-oxidation and anti-aging.  It has antibacterial action against a variety of microorganisms and is also used as an antibacterial agent.
    Roxburgh rose extract is rich in VC and has many effects such as improving human immunity, so it is also widely used in the field of health care products
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