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Pure Genistein 98% Powder

Specifications: 98%

Detection method: HPLC


Molecular formula: C15H10O5

Molecular weight: 270.24

Shipping speed:1-3 days

Inventory:In stock

Certificates:HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, ISO9001, ISO22000, FDA

    What is genistein?

    Sophora japonica has high medicinal value. In recent years, it has been found to have various pharmacological activities. For example, genistein belongs to the isoflavones. Isoflavones are a type of natural products with strong physiological activities, including antioxidant, anti-hemolysis, antibacterial, anti-cancer, and anti-cardiovascular disease, especially because they have a similar base to α-estradiol in molecular structure. The distance between clusters becomes a type of phytoestrogens.
    Genistein, also known as 5,7,4-trihydroxyisoflavone, is mainly extracted from leguminous plants such as soybeans, clover, kudzu root, sophora japonica, genistein (gorse) and broad beans. of active ingredients. Genistein, the main component of soy isoflavones, has a structure similar to estrogen, so it is called "phytoestrogens". Since estrogen deficiency is an important cause of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women, genistein is one of the current research hotspots of anti-osteoporosis botanical drugs. The "Latest Guidelines" of the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) pointed out that genistein is very beneficial to the bone health of postmenopausal women and is the only plant active ingredient that the FDA considers safe but still needs more anti-osteoporosis clinical data. 

    What are the benefits

    Its antibacterial mechanism is achieved by destroying the integrity of cell walls and cell membranes, inhibiting the TCA cycle pathway and protein synthesis. This is consistent with Kim's view on the drug's antibacterial mechanism of action. Since genistein has physiological activities such as antibacterial and antioxidant properties, from a nutritional perspective, if Genistein is used as a food additive, it can play its dual role and has extremely broad application prospects.
    Estrogen-like effects
    GEN (genistein or genistein) and its aglycone are the most abundant components of soy isoflavones. The aglycone form of soy isoflavones is more active than the glycoside form, especially the GEN activity, which has a two-way regulatory effect on phytoestrogens. MCF-7 cells are ER-positive human breast cancer cell lines that can specifically accept estrogen or estrogen-like active substances to regulate their proliferation. Estrogen-like phytoestrogens are very sensitive, simple and can distinguish between agonists and antagonists, and are therefore widely used to rapidly screen and evaluate environmental estrogens.
    Studies have reported that GEN can stimulate the expression of estrogen-regulated genes in the same way as estrogen, suggesting that GEN binds to estrogen receptors. In addition to producing anti-estrogen-like effects, it can also perform certain functions by activating estrogen response components. estrogenic effects.

    1. Has estrogenic and anti-estrogenic properties
    2. Has antioxidant effect
    3. Can inhibit the activity of tyrosine protein kinase (PTK)
    4. Can inhibit the activity of topoisomerase II
    5. Can prevent postmenopausal osteoporosis

    Application direction

    Genistein is widely used in the field of medicine and health care and has good anti-osteoporosis and estrogen-like effects.
    In addition, genistein has certain antibacterial and antioxidant effects and can also be used as a food additive.
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